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We are glad to see you at our site! This is a web resource for consumers who want to be financially literate and be in the know of the latest credit card offers from the most authoritative banks. At our site you can get professional assistance in choosing credit cards and make an online credit card application. For instance, the first thing we tell our visitors is, "You cannot transfer your balance until your credit is good or excellent". Read other important tips on our pages.

Learn more about credit cards, go to corresponding sections of our web-resource. Get new information about financial products from our Credit Room. Find credit tips and solutions in the Help Center. Feel free to navigate through the main menu to find numerous credit card offers.

Best Credit Cards for Personal Needs

Credit cards below are classified according to credit score. This means the higher your credit score is, the more likely you are to get a better credit card. So, credit history is very important.

Credit offers for good or excellent score usually have more favorable terms and conditions. You are expected to get low APRs, no annual fee, cash rebates or bonus points. Cards for fair and limited credit history are all designed to help build good credit. On our web site you will find plastics for your personal needs no matter what your credit score.

Excellent credit
Fair credit
Bad/no credit
Best Credit Cards from
Best Credit Cards from

Enjoy 0% Intro APR on Purchases for up to 18 months; a variable go-to APR applies after that.

No Annual Fee.

Enjoy 0% Intro APR on Balance Transfers for up to 21 months; a variable go-to APR applies after that.

Credit One Bank® Unsecured Visa® for Rebuilding Credit
Credit One Bank® Unsecured Visa® for Rebuilding Credit

Find out if you Pre-Qualify without harming your credit score

Eligible purchases earn 1% cash back rewards automatically, terms apply

Get a credit line between $300 and $3,000 based on your credit history

Horizon Gold
Horizon Gold

Instant $500 Credit Line. No Credit Check.

No Employment Check.

Must have Active Debit Card or Credit Card to qualify.

Get Free Credit Score NOW!

Credit Cards for Special Purposes

Here are credit cards for special purposes. They are plastics for such categories of customers as business owners and students.

Starting a business the owner hopes to make it booming and profitable. Business credit cards are designed specially to help those customers make any business prosperous and manage the expenses sagely.

Being students and having no payment history, teens dream of carrying their own plastics and have financial support. The only reasonable way to make the wish comes true is to apply for a student credit card and become a fledged student with his or her own credit history.

Purchase credit cards
Student credit cards

Credit cards for purchases offer you excellent payment convenience and opportunity to save on everyday shopping. If you're looking to benefit from regular expenses, a low APR, or no fee bank card is right for you. Best shopping credit cards come with enticing cash back and point rewards.

Student credit cards are aimed at those with fair, bad or no history. These cards will help students improve damaged score or even build credit history from scratch. Alongside with favorable terms many cards offer to get liberal rewards for making daily purchases.

WebBank/Fingerhut Credit Account
WebBank/Fingerhut Credit Account

No Annual Fee. See WebBank/Fingerhut Credit Account Terms.

No Over Limit Fee. See WebBank/Fingerhut Credit Account Terms.

Instant Response (Delays may occur depending on application data provided).

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Get Your Money Back Unlimited Rewards Without Annual Fee
Best Credit Cards from
Best Credit Cards from

Enjoy 0% Intro APR on purchases for up to 7 months; a variable go-to APR applies after that.

No annual fee and no foreign transaction fees.

Earn up to 5% cash back or up to 2x points on purchases.

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Specially for Students Get Cash back Bonus Without Annual Fee


Free Informational Services

We are happy to offer Free Informational Services to our site visitors. You do not need to be a client of any bank presented here. And you do not have to make an online credit card application from this web resource to get support for free. You only need to be curious and hungry for information.

Specialists of our Help Center give tips on any question concerning credit cards in two or three days. All the latest news and novelties are covered in our News Letter section. It is our pleasure to keep you informed on most interesting facts about credit cards.

help center

Specialists of our Help Center give tips on any question concerning credit cards in two or three days. You can use this service sending your question just from the Home page. However, you can do it from the Tips & Solutions page. Besides, have a look at our questions Data Bank. Displayed there are frequently asked questions that already have solutions.

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You can apply for a credit card on our website and get approved if you qualify. The key is to choose the right product based on your credit rating. If you're looking for your first ever plastic, choose among cards to establish credit. If there is already a credit score established in your name and it is rather high, consider getting one of top card offers available online. All of them offer lowest APRs, no annual fees, balance transfers and rewards. In case your payment history needs improving or rebuilding as a result of bad credit records, apply for a bad credit offer with most agreeable requirements, terms and conditions. See and compare all deals for all credit types to make the best application decision.

press room

All the latest news and novelties are covered in our Press Room section. It is our pleasure to keep you informed about the most interesting facts on credit cards. As information nowadays is considered to be the main value, the Press Room is a priceless knowledge source for our visitors. Feel free to read our financial news.

the latest news

[Tuesday, December 23, 2008]

Holiday Credit Promotions

The most significant holiday of the year is near, and millions of people all over the globe are preparing to celebrate Christmas despite of the slow economy and dire predictions for the year 2009. Christmas is a very special time for all of us. Children singing, heaps of wrapped packages, falling snow and fabulous kitchen smells...It's all well and good, but this year it's going to be a bit different. The question is, how can we make this Christmas less costly for our family budgets but still joyous for our families and ourselves? Read on about Christmas ideas that help you stretch your dollars this year!

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