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Best Credit Cards from

Get a one-time bonus of up to 50,000 miles or get your first-year miles matched at the end of your first year.
Earn up to 2 miles or up to 3 points towards your travel. Fly any airline, stay at any hotel, anytime.
Enjoy 0% Intro APR on purchases for up to 14 months; ongoing variable APR applies after that.
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Primary Airline
APR %Annual Fee Sign Up
Round Trip
Any Airline14.24% - 24.24% (Variable)$0See SiteSee Site

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What is the fastest and most convenient way of traveling around the country and abroad? The answer is simple - by air. But what about expenses? Wouldn't it be quite costly to travel on board a plane? Not if you have one of the best frequent flyer cards from top financial institutions! It is an excellent way to save money while traveling!


These Credit Offers Only for People with Excellent or Good Credit History.

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Card name
Primary Airline
APR % Annual Fee Sign Up
Round Trip
Simmons Rewards Visa Signature®
Simmons Rewards Visa Signature®
Any Airline11.75% (variable)NONESee Terms25,000

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Practical Guidelines

Applying Online for Airlines Cards

Frequent flyer credit cards also known as credit cards with bonus miles are a kind of a rewards credit card. The terms might be different but generally you earn miles for paying with your plastic. Those miles can be used for many different things such as discounts on airfare, free tickets, gifts and more.

Of course, to apply for a plastic you need to have good or excellent credit standing. That is your score should not be lower than 660 FICO points.

Check your credit report before you submit your frequent flyer card application online or by mail.

Advantages of Air Miles Credit Cards

There are two major types of travelers - those who travel for fun and those who fly on business. But all of them want to cut down their travel expenses. That is why there are bonus miles credit cards for both categories. A special feature of travel credit cards for business owners is additional services such as assistance in booking tickets and making hotel reservations

Some of the banks work with particular airlines. Most of these airlines, such as Delta, are international, so you will have no problem flying anywhere you need.

The amount of miles you get with this bonus miles credit card for eligible purchases is really amazing comparing to the number of them you earn with a regular card.

If you do not want to feel restricted in your choice of airlines, you should find an online credit card application for a frequent flyer card that is not affiliated with any particular airline. Travel around the country or around the world and save!

A nice surprise for you will be a set-up bonus - a few thousand miles granted to you by the bank when you first open your account. These miles can be redeemed for rewards as well as the miles you accrue.

What are the things you can redeem your miles for?

You can get a discount on airfare, car rentals, and hotels, choose gift cards or even cash! There are many great frequent flyer programs to choose from! Just analyze your travel habits and choose among the numerous credit card offers.

There are other advantages best credit card with bonus miles gives a traveler. As any bank credit card for good or excellent credit, it has none or a very small annual fee, low APR on purchases and balance transfer and more. You can use it as a regular credit card and save with every transaction!

An important issue when traveling abroad is currency exchange. Using cash is not very convenient and safe. Traveler's checks are not accepted in every country. Using a debit card in a foreign country makes your debit account vulnerable. So the best option will be to use a credit card!

Frequent flyer cards are meant for traveling that's why they offer very favorable rates for currency exchange. You can even find credit cards with miles that have no additional fees on purchases made outside of the States.

Making payments with a credit card in a foreign country is one of the best ways to protect your money from fraudsters. The $50 liability policy all bank credit cards have, makes it very convenient to dispute unauthorized charges. It is especially important when you are in a different country, far away from your bank.

When you are looking for applications for credit cards online, keep in mind that frequent flyer programs might have some restrictions. Try to find credit cards with no black-out dates, no seat restrictions, no caps on the number of miles you can earn and redeem, and no expiration date.

So, take your time, compare all the deals our specialists have selected for you and find the one that will suit you the most. No matter where or why you fly there is a credit card with bonus miles just for you at!

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