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Best Credit Cards from

Transfer and pay off your debt at 0% Intro APR on Balance Transfers for up to 21 months; ongoing variable APR applies after that.
Earn up to 5% cash back or up to 2 point rewards on all purchases.
$0 liability on unauthorized purchases. No annual fee.
Our choice
Intro APR Bal.Tr.
(Intro Period)
APR %Balance Transfer FeeAnnual Fee
0% (up to 21 months)See Termsup to 3%$0

Best Online Balance Transfer Cards

If you have a debt on your credit card and can't manage it because of high interests or annual fees, consider balance transfer offers. They give you a chance to pay off your debts and continue your good payment history. Simply move your debt from one plastic to another with lower ongoing APR or 0% intro APR. So, having saved money on the interests, you will be able to pay off your debt sooner.


These Credit Offers Only for People with Excellent or Good Credit History.

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Bank name
Card name
Intro APR Bal.Tr.
(Intro Period)
APR % Balance Transfer Fee Annual Fee Apply
Simmons Visa®
Simmons Visa®
N/A9.75% (variable)NONENONE

 see details
Simmons Rewards Visa Signature®
Simmons Rewards Visa Signature®
N/A11.75% (variable)NONENONE

 see details
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Practical Guidelines

Applying for Balance Transfer Cards Online

Everyone can face the debt problem. While your current credit card is charging you high interest rates, you are in constant jeopardy and risk of running into debt. Balance transfer plastics can be your strongest tool at struggle with debts.

At we have collected the best deals available for money transmissions. If you are ready to play the balance transfer game, you are welcome to research our offers and apply online for a credit card. Then your balance will be shifted from one plastic to another and you will start a new grace period with lower interest charges or without interest charges at all.

How Balance Transfer Credit Cards Work

Balance transfer allows you to shift the money you have on your current plastics to other, usually at a special interest rate. When you move your credit, the old debt is paid off by the new company and transferred to the new card with lower interest. Best balance transfer deals offer a long (from 6 up to 12 months) introductory period that comes without any interest payments. So, the longer introductory period you are offered, the more chances you have to start paying off your debt.

Most of deals have 0% Intro APR but make sure that after introductory period your interest rates will not jump too high. Thus, you always should read the fine print carefully before you apply to transfer credit card balances.

Another thing to discuss is the balance transfer fee. You can find many offers with zero fees for money transmissions, but don't refuse the idea to shift your debt onto a card with the lowest interest if there is some fee. Consider these deals, as the money you save by having reduced interests outweighs any one-time nominal fee anyway.

Before you apply for balance transfer credit cards, take a look at the following tips:

Planning to make credit card application, pay attention to all terms and conditions to avoid making false steps and receive the plastic that fits your needs completely. Always read the fine print to make sure that the bank doesn't require paying a high annual fee.

Pay your attention to the interest rate. It is more profitable to apply for a card with lower ongoing APR, but you can benefit from a plastic with 0% Intro APR as well. But make sure that interests won't shoot up when the introductory period ends.

Make sure that your balance will be transferred not partially, but fully. To accommodate your entire debt, you need to be approved for a credit limit high enough. Otherwise, you will not achieve your initial goal to improve your financial situation, as you will have two accounts instead of one.

If you are going to apply for a balance transfer card at our web source, make sure that your credit score is excellent or good, because all of them require having score high enough. As soon as you are convinced that you are eligible for our offers, compare credit card with money transmission option, and apply for a card with such attractive features as no annual fee, 0% Intro APR, or cash back bonuses.

Paying your attention to these points, you can find the best balance transfer offer that will help you to pay off your debts, and use your card at a profit. Feel free to make an online application to get the plastic you need. And don't worry about frauds, as all credit issuers use the most innovative fraud protection tools and systems for online deals.

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