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Horizon Gold Credit Card

Horizon Card Services
Horizon Gold Credit Card

Must have Active Debit Card or Credit Card to qualify.
$500 Credit Limit.
No Credit Check.
No Employment Check.
Reports to a Major Credit Bureau.
Fast Online Application.
Bad Credit accepted.
Our choice
Credit HistoryAnnual Fee Activation Fee
BadSee terms$29.95

Best Average Credit Cards Online

If you are one who looks for a good plastic and has fair credit rating, consider credit cards for average credit. They will help you to improve your payment history and offer you some benefits as well. Fair plastics have better terms and conditions than deals for limited or no payment history do.

Bank name
Card name
Credit History Annual Fee Activation Fee Apply
Fingerhut Credit Account
Fingerhut Credit Account

 see details
Best Credit Cards from
Fair$0see site

 see details
Tronix Country
Any Credit (No Credit Check)$49$29.99

 see details
Bank name
Card name
Activation Fee Guaranteed Approval Credit Check Build Credit Apply
READYdebit® Prepaid Visa® Card
READYdebit® Prepaid Visa® Card

 see details
AccountNow® Prepaid Visa®
The Bancorp Bank
AccountNow® Prepaid Visa®

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Purch.--Purchases, Bal.Tr.--Balance Transfers, n/a--Not Applicable


Practical Guidelines

Applying Online for Average Credit Cards

Today everybody has to think about credit score. It is no secret that such scores influence life events. Thus, signing on, don't be surprised when the employer makes an inquiry for your score. You should always keep an eye on your credit report. For those who have average rating and wish to improve it, fair credit card offers are the best choice. These deals do not offer a great variety of benefits. But you will be offered quite beneficial terms and conditions. Apply for credit cards with fair credit and improve your payment history!

Nowadays there are many various offers. And it is not easy to choose the best one which fits all your needs. Banks prefer to deal with responsible customers who have good or excellent payment history, and most plastics are created for them. Furthermore, some issuers do not separate fair credit credit cards from bad deals. In spite of this fact, fair offers are among the greatest tools for improving credit.

No doubt, even best cards for fair credit can't offer so many benefits as excellent or good deals do. However, they are unsecured offers and can have low APR and some rewards.

At you will find many attractive offers from major banks. You are offered to compare them to make the right choice and choose the one for your current needs and spending habits. Which is the best one?

There are many American banks that produce financial products for various customer groups. They issue cards for customers with fair, good, or excellent score to satisfy their needs.

Before submitting your application, compare the cards you have chosen by the following criteria:

APR.Some bank offers provide the interest-free period on purchases when you do not have to pay interest. It's a good chance to save your money.

Annual fee. Most applications for average credit come with an annual fee, but generally it's quite low. Among cards for average credit, you can also find plastics with no annual fee. If you pay your balance in full each month, you'd better choose a no-fee card even if it comes with high interest rates.

Balance transfers. If you want to eliminate your debt with a low APR card, but your score rating is not that high yet, you may consider some of the deals for average credit. They may offer low interest rates on balance transfers, and thus you can pay down your debt on more favorable terms.

Bonuses.They vary from company to company and you'd better choose the deal that offers the benefits you care about.

Advantages of Fair Credit Cards

Credit cards for fair credit history are useful tools for those who like shopping. Some offers will help you to save up to 10% on all purchases.

Most credit deals for average credit are convenient for frequent travelers, because you will not have to pay additional fees for purchases made outside of the USA.

Before you apply online for the card you like most, compare all the best credit cards collected on the site and check credit score to choose the most suitable plastic. Improve your payment history and all the best offers with alluring features and options will be available for you soon!

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