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Earn a one-time bonus after meeting the sign-up bonus requirements.
Earn rewards on hotel stays and all other purchases. Redeem earned rewards for hotel stays and more.
No Annual Fee.
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Intro APR Purch.
(Intro Period)
APR %Annual Fee
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Every active traveler, a leisure or business one, knows the cost of traveling and chooses the right form of currency to use somewhere away. And, of course, everyone wishes to get only positive emotions. Credit card for travel is all that a frequent traveler needs to carry in the wallet while traveling and think not about travel expenses but the joy of getting rewards.


These Credit Offers Only for People with Excellent or Good Credit History.

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Credit card name
Intro APR Purch.
(Intro Period)
APR % Annual Fee Description Apply
Simmons Rewards Visa Signature®
Simmons Rewards Visa Signature®
N/A11.75% (variable)NONE

Excellent Credit Required - Applicants that do not have excellent credit will not be approved.

Low 11.75% variable standard purchase APR and platinum benefits.

No Annual Fee.

No balance transfer fee for balances transferred in response to this online offer.

Travel Rewards - cardholders who enroll in the program receive one point per net dollar spent.

Choose any U.S. based airline or ticket class. No blackout dates or seating restrictions.

Other travel related options are hotels, cruises, vacation packages, car rental, and restaurants.

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Purch.--Purchases, Bal.Tr.--Balance Transfers, n/a--Not Applicable

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Practical Guidelines

Applying Online for Travel Cards

There are many types of rewards credit cards on the market nowadays and all of them bring benefits to their holders. The most popular of them are travel rewards credit cards issued specially to cater to frequent flyers.

With travel credit cards you can make purchases, withdraw cash at the affiliated ATM when needed, and book travel or hotel stays. Spending with your plastic you can earn points and redeem them for airline miles, cash, gift cards, etc. So, the more you spend the more points you get, and the more you can be rewarded.

In 1981 most leading airlines began to cooperate with credit companies in order to offer best travel rewards and convenience to their consumers. As a result of this cooperation airlines credit cards appeared. These credit offers allow you to redeem your points for the miles that can be used to reserve another trip, or to keep earning points and use them on the next vacation.

The most attractive reward that every active traveler aspires to is a free airline ticket. So, you don't need to make any efforts to get a ticket for free besides spending with your plastic.

Save on a Hotel Stay!

When you go somewhere on a business trip or simply to see the world, you need to make a halt and stay at a hotel. Many travelers pay great attention to the cost of flights and often don't think how much they spend on a hotel stay on arrival. The steady growth of prices at hotels can be a valid cause to start earning points and save on the next stay at your favorite hotels.

Many hotel chains offer rewards programs in which every active traveler may take part. It means that if you stay at a hotel that participates in this program and pay for the stay with your plastic, you can earn points.

The points can be redeemed for free stays at your favorite hotels, dinning out, car rentals, gift certificates and so forth. Moreover, you can make any other purchases with your plastic and also get points and various rewards.

Some airlines and hotels partner with each other on making travel benefits credit cards. They offer you to save money not only on hotel stays but also on an airline ticket. Therefore spending with your plastic you can get discounts on a ticket. That's very convenient to carry only one plastic in your pocket while traveling and have only one account instead of two.

Credit Cards Will Help to Rent a Car

Wherever you travel on vacation or business, you may need to rent a car at the place. Credit cards for travel will help you make it easier.

Most rental companies ask for a credit card to initiate auto rental or they simply accept only credit cards. In case when you rent an auto and have an accident, the repair expenses will be covered by car insurance. Moreover with the credit card you can reserve a car you wish beforehand. If you are a happy holder of gold or platinum cards of the leading credit card issuers, you may get a car insurance free of charge. That's really tempting, isn't it?

All these benefits and rewards mentioned above are available only for the travelers with good or excellent credit score. If you travel frequently but your score is far from the required, start improving it. As soon as you achieve good results, you will be able to enjoy all these benefits.

Searching out the best credit card application for travel, you need to pay attention not only to the variety of rewards and bonuses, but also to such important features and options as balance transfer, interest rates, cash advance, no annual fee and intro APR. Make the right choice! If you value your time, apply online for the best travel reward credit card. Enjoy its convenience while traveling and purchasing!

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