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Use the opportunity to read the latest news about credit cards. All the changes of the credit card market are being covered by our Press Room specialists.
It is our paramount objective to keep you informed about the latest credit card updates. Feel free to refer to the news releases published in this section. Note, that the information is updated weekly.


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Date: March 3, 2008

Irresistible Credit Card Promotions
It has been two months already since 2008 began and all this time we have been showered with countless enticing credit card promotion programs. It seems as if each company were trying to invent something new and incomparably better to kick all rivals out of the market.
Perhaps not all of us know the psychological moments of advertising campaigns but practically everyone is successfully stimulated by the ever effective slogans "Save your money and effort!", "Earn more and faster!". Their effectiveness is proved by the boost of filled out credit card applications that offer the opportunity to bring the slogans into life.
Read on and you will learn what credit card offers got most of the market for their promissory promotional campaigns of 2008.
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Date: December 17, 2007

Christmas Card Bonuses
Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois - December, 17, 2007 - has been actively preparing for the Christmas season. Our site has changed its design for the holiday one. Our team has explored various holiday programs being proposed by some major credit card issuers to their customers. The most anticipated holiday of the year approaches along with various festive programs offered by different credit card issuers. After some detailed research, is ready to present some quite profitable offers.
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Date: November 20, 2007

Credit Sphere Entry
Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois - November, 20, 2007 - has announced its involvement in the credit card sphere. After several years of domain operation, the site has changed orientation. A simple web directory has become a progressive, helpful and user-friendly Web site, its content being declared as "best rated credit cards".
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Christmas Credit Card Promotion

The most significant holiday of the year is near, and millions of people all over the globe are preparing to celebrate Christmas despite of the slow economy and dire predictions for the year 2009. Christmas is a very special time for all of us. Children singing, heaps of wrapped packages, falling snow and fabulous kitchen smells...It's all well and good, but this year it's going to be a bit different. The question is, how can we make this Christmas less costly for our family budgets but still joyous for our families and ourselves? Read on about Christmas ideas that help you stretch your dollars this year!

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Business Credit

If you're a small business owner and plan to grow your business in the future, you need a source of funds. And that's where small business credit cards come as a smart solution. These plastic money deals have won the hearts of business owners as a reliable source of financing the company. But many valuable features of these deals still remain overlooked. Read more and learn how to make the most of those "extras" that come on your business credit deals!

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Zero APR Cards

It would be great to enjoy all the benefits of credit cards without bothering your head about interest charges. But you can hardly find a lender who can grant you credit absolutely for free. Those customers who carry their balances from month to month can end up in paying more for their purchases. That's why low-rate plastic money deals are so popular.

If you want to pay no interest at all, consider 0% APR deals! They offer zero interest rates on purchases, balance transfers or both for a specified period of time. Read more about these applications and how you can make the most of them!

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Minimum Monthly Payment

According to statistics, a vast majority of cardholders happen to be revolvers, i.e. users who carry their balances from month to month. No wonder why heavy credit debts become a great problem for millions of people nationwide.

Paying only the minimum is definitely much easier at first glance rather than pay off the entire balance each month. But the point is your monthly payments cover mostly interest and a small portion of your balance. Have you ever wondered, how much time can it take to pay off a balance on your card? Let's try to find the answer to this question!

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Credit Report Errors

If you want to get best rates on loans, you need to have good payment records. That's the reason why experts recommend checking your credit report and your score before applying for a loan, or a new credit card. Why is that so important?

The statistics says, over 70% of credit reports have some mistakes. They may vary from innocent misspelling to serious errors. The thing is, even minor inaccuracies may result in higher interest rates on your loans, they also affect your ability to qualify for the best plastic money deals. Read more to learn how to clear mistakes from your credit profile.

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