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Earn up to 5% cash back or up to 2x points on purchases.
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Rewards Credit Cards for Students

Nowadays it is really important for people to start a credit history as early as possible. Credit companies have designed student plastics program for young people with limited or no credit history. You should have a student status to get this card. It is one of the best and most correct ways to increase your credit score if you are a student.

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Practical Guidelines

Applying for Student Cards with Rewards

Have you ever thought about students credit cards with rewards? It is really great to have such credit conditions for people that study in university or college. When you are applying for a student plastic - you are applying for an unsecured plastic with great terms. You will not have to go to the bank for checking your account, credit companies offer you online account management tools. Don't forget about fraud protection that your bank will give you absolutely for free. See more information and details about student plastics!

Just imagine that you can get up to 5% cash back bonus for almost all your purchases with your student credit card!

Student Plastic with Rewards, Is It Possible?

So, you have become a college or university student. You can find a lot of credit companies' offers every day in bookstores, on campus, at social functions, and of course in your mailbox. You have to choose one plastic among million offers to build your credit history. Your credit future depends a lot on your first plastic, and you have all the chances to establish a strong credit history with student credit cards.

In such a situation you can choose among a debit card, a secured credit card, and a student plastic.

Why Student Credit Cards?

Only secured and student credit cards will affect your credit score. Credit scoring is a system founded on your credit payments and deals: number and type of accounts, late payments, outstanding debts, bill paying history and more.

Talking about secured plastic - you will have to make a secured deposit to get it. Such pre-paid terms are not so great for many people that don't have enough money to do it. Student plastics are the best you can get when you study: no deposit, great terms, and many other benefits. It is really useful to get your first plastic with great conditions.

That is why almost all people that study are using student credit cards today.

Student plastics will help you to learn how to manage your finances in the future. Application process is very simple and a student gets a card in almost all cases, because credit companies think that people that study are good consumers. Of course, if you choose a bank today, you can choose the same bank later as a card issuer for you regular card.

It is almost necessary to have plastic for college students to make their college life easier and better. It gives the ability to buy books, to rent a car, to pay for medical treatment or other emergencies and more.

You can find a lot of student credit offers from many US banks now. The best way for you is to talk with your classmates or friends that have plastics. You can also find a lot of information online. Try to find a plastic with the best terms.

So, What Do Credit Companies Basically Offer You?

You will get 6 month introductory period without any APR for all purchases. It is a really interesting point for young people that try to start their credit score. People always worry about credit safety, and they are ready to pay money to protect their identity. Today credit companies provide plastics with free fraud protection. They also give you an opportunity to manage your account online - it is really an interesting and useful option for consumers.

Every modern student has an interesting and intensive life. A 5% cash back bonus for purchases in categories like gas, movies, travel, restaurants, and more makes their life easier. So have fun and don't bother your head with expenses!

Apply online for the best credit cards we have! Our advisers will help you to choose the right card. Make a good choice and increase your credit score faster.

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