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Post date: 2008-01-15

Credit Limit Increase

Increase the credit limit of your credit card! In fact, every credit card has a credit limit, even if it is said it's a no limit card. If you own such card as American Express, for instance, credit bureaus take your highest balance as your credit line. As you know, a credit limit is not only the sum that you can't exceed. Credit card limit is a relative indicator of your expenses to the total amount of credit. This ratio is directly reflected on the amount of your credit points.

The amount of your debt out of the total amount of available credit determines 30% of your credit points. The more cards with the balance close to credit limit you own, the lower your credit score is. As a rule, try not to overdraw your balance more than by 25% of your available credit line, and this won't cause credit points decrease. Apply for credit card online and follow this rule.

Still, very few people try to increase their credit limit, even when they really need this. Some credit card holders have a credit limit of 300-500$ during a long period of time and don't even try to increase it (they are either convinced that the bank will refuse them or don't know that it is possible).

Some people say: "What for? I'm totally fine with the current credit line. It's enough." This is entirely wrong approach. Maybe it's enough for you right now and you don't really care about the amount of your credit points. But only imagine that in a couple of years you may wish to get one of the best credit cards or a car loan or a house mortgage. Here you will need your points to get more beneficial credit terms.

Your request for the credit limit increase you may explain as you do not want the amount of your credit points to go down every time your expenses get closer to your credit limit, as you want to establish credit. Tell that you are not going to use the total amount of credit and this is only a technical necessity. It always works!

If you already have an idea of credit card limit increase, do it today. If you make a request, it won't have any negative impact on your credit report, but if they increase your credit line, it will be a real help.

Don't hesitate. In some cases, when the credit limit is too low, it is almost vital to contact the bank and to ask for the increase of credit line. It stimulates the growth of credit score, because approximation of expenses to credit limit decreases the amount of credit points.

When a card holder gets a credit limit, the sum that he can borrow from the bank is set up. There is no fixed date of repayment of debts. That means you can spend the entire sum, and you will receive bills with the requirement to make minimum monthly payments. Available credit limit proportionally recommences with the repayment of the debts. The amount of credit limit stands in the credit report. So, if you want to increase your credit limit, it's not advisable to get close to your credit line.

Sandra Leslie Bezuidenhout, July 05, 2011
I would like to increase my credit limit. My account number is : 0027337458
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